Eveline Franken © Hans van der Kamp

My name is Eveline Franken. When I first started working as an artist I was already very much into flowers and plants, but there was no photography involved. Mostly, etching and drawing. I specifically liked the etching process.

As life goes I soon found myself in a situation where there was little time to expand my platform as an artist. As the mother of a child who grew up to become an incredibly talented composer, musician and sound engineer I diverted most of time to taking care of my family. Soon I learned there were better jobs to combine with motherhood. So I took an education in homeopathy, since medicine had always been my second love. After that I immediately started working as a homeopath, still surrounded by my beloved flowers, herbs and plants, but approaching them from a completely different angle.

When I started working again as an artist I came across the new medium digital photography and at first it looked sterile to me, being used as I am to working with the very physical process of etching. When I dug deeper into Photoshop however, I soon discovered that the many techniques I had used to produce etchings, such as masking, had their equivalents in digital processing.

The photographs you will find here are not photographs in the strict sense of the word, meaning that my images do not represent an objective reality as such. I do use my digital brushes and tweak my contrast to create images that could remind one of herbalogica.

So the homeopath and the artist in me merged to create a new way of pictorial thinking.