Welcome to my site

I photograph flowers. Mostly. I have other photographic interests too, but since this is my first site I decided to focus on flowers.

Why flowers?

Well, I spent al lot of years of my career working as a homeopath, although my first eduction was in the arts. I graduated from the Free Academy and the Royal Academy, both in The Hague Netherlands.

RoseIt is hard to say what came first. I was painting and etching flowers and herbs in the beginning of my career as an artist and in my work as a homeopath I learned all about the chemistry and the medical properties of flowers and plants.

Returning to the Arts once again, I switched from etching and painting to a completely different medium: photography. This may seem contradictory, but in fact it isn’t. All the graphic techniques used in etching are easily mimicked by a computer fed with digital images.

Do you sell prints?

This site was started only recently but I will add a shopping cart soon for those of you who are interested in purchasing my works.

In the meantime, please enjoy my gallery!


Eveline Franken

Eveline Franken